Grow your business and cut lines by letting customers place orders and pay directly from their phones. The ability to earn and redeem rewards keep them coming back.


Extend the storefront

Customers love the convenience of ordering and paying from their phones.


More sales without lines

Increase sales whitout adding more lines or wait time for your customers.


Reward regulars

Reward your loyal customers and keep them coming back.


Bring back lapsing customers

Set up automated emails to bring back lapsing customers.

Tupyx features


Extend your business to your customers’ phones with mobile ordering and rewards.


mCommerce / Mobile Order

Make menus accessible from your customers’ phones and enable them to place mobile orders for pick up or delivery.


Customer Rewards

Allow customers to earn and redeem rewards on every purchase and incentivize them to come back often.


Secure Payments

Safely convert credit cards and loyalty cards into tokens and validate purchases with a 4-digit PIN. Support for all major credit cards and PayPal.


Gift Cards/Prepaid Cards

Boost sales with your own custom branded gift card. Use the rewards card as a prepaid card or let customers pay with their phone.


Expense Tracking

Digital receipts are automatically stored in the Tupyx app, making it easy to track purchase history.


Marketing Automation

Turn first time customers into regulars and bring back lapsing customers with automated emails and text messages.


Digital coupons

Increase sales by sending coupons and time-limited offers for use in-store or with the Tupyx app.


Real-time Analytics

Track the business performance in real-time and learn about your customers, including age, visit frequency, and purchase history.



Enable your customers to conveniently place orders directly from their phones.

In-seat mobile ordering

Allow fans to bypass lines and purchase food, drinks, and merchandise directly from their phones and have it delivered directly to their seats. Have customers place orders from their phones and skip the lines or have the order delivered to their house.


Order customization

Order customization with add-ons and special instructions ensures that your customers get exactly what they want.


Flexible delivery times

Select if the order should be ready in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or one hour, and specify if the order should be delivered or picked up.


Secure payments

Customers can add their preferred payment method to the app and preload funds or pay in real time. The Tupyx app safely converts credit cards and loyalty cards into tokens, and validates mobile purchases with a 4-digit PIN. Tupyx supports all major credit cards and PayPal.

wireless printing & smart order Routing


Cut the wait time with wireless printing and smart order routing.

Wireless order printing

Tupyx wirelessly transmits all incoming orders to a kitchen or bar printer*. As your customers place orders, your printer will print out tickets with all the info you need to complete the orders such as the order number, ordered items with add-ons or modifiers, special instructions, customer name, and, if applicable, pick up or delivery time and address. You can proceed to prepare orders accordingly and without losing a single order.

*Tupyx comes with a plug’n’play printer which is all you need to start taking orders from existing and new customers -pretty much from anyone who owns a smartphone! Simply connect the printer to the internet and you are on your way to increase your sales!


Smart order routing

Speed up food or order prep time by using multiple printers. You can also assign different items within a single order to automatically print at different printers located at the bar, pizza oven, grill, kitchen, storefront, or backstock etc.

Integration with POS

It is also possible to integrate Tupyx with eMobilePOS or whatever POS system the merchants use. If you are not currently using eMobilePOS, simply let us know if you are interested in eMobilePOS or tell us about your existing POS system for more information on POS integrations.



Earn and redeem rewards on every purchase.

Reward loyalty

Allow members to earn and redeem rewards on every purchase — both in-store and on mobile orders.


Sign up new members

Sign up new rewards members via your web site, register them at the counter, or use a self-service kiosk. New members can also join by sending a text message to a short code number from their phone. Offer an expiring bonus reward upon activation of the account.


Keep track of rewards

Members can keep track of their rewards balance and transaction history on the Tupyx customer portal that can be customized and integrated with your (the merchant’s) web site.


Win back lapsing customers

Offer members expiring cash rewards and free items to increase the purchase frequency and bring them back. Send automated emails and text messages, triggered by the member’s birthday, accrued points, or days since the last visit.


Real-time customer analytics

Access real-time sales analytics to learn about your customers’ purchase history, including days since the last visit, average order size, and favorite menu items.

stored value & gift cards


Attract new customers with your own gift card and increase cash flow by enabling rewards members to use prepaid cards for convenience.

Custom-branded gift cards

Design your own custom-branded rewards card and gift card, or combine the two into one card. Preload the rewards card with a bonus that can be redeemed by the new member upon activation. Efficiently handle gift card bulk sales at a discounted rate.


Prepaid cards

Enable members to use the Tupyx rewards card as a prepaid card. Easily reload value in the store, online, or through the Tupyx app and use for payment.


Cardless loyalty

Members can either present their rewards card or give their mobile phone number to request rewards credit or redeem rewards.


PIN protection

A PIN is a personal identification number that is unique to every gift card and provides a layer of extra protection.

marketing automation


Quickly capture new contact details at the checkout and stay engaged with customers after they leave the store with significant impact on loyalty and sales.

Collect email addresses

Capture customers’ email and contact details right at the checkout, or via your website so that they can start benefitting from the rewards perks.


Automated emails and text messages

Design automated emails and text messages with a special bonus based on the account activation, birthday, anniversary, holidays, days since last purchase, accrued points, etc. Bring back lapsing customers and turn first time customers into regulars.


Track campaign results

Track campaigns in real-time and measure the results of a special promotion.

OMNIchannel marketing


Tupyx extends your business to your customers’ phones for a true omni-channel experience.

Promote your brand

Customize the Tupyx app with your own branding to create a consistent user experience across all your sales channels. Merchants can also opt to use their own app icon.


Partner marketing opportunities

Change the branding as many times as you want and even offer real estate inside the app to paid sponsors to generate extra revenue or use the space to promote seasonal offerings.


QR code

Use a unique QR code or URL to promote the app to your customers. Scanning the QR code will take them right to the Tupyx app and your menu.

Easy to use


Tupyx is easy to use and your customers will quickly get comfortable with ordering directly from their phones. Your business is now only one click away.

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